You don’t need much to get started. If you know more than us you’ll teach us; if we know more than you, we’ll teach you. :)

That said, there are a few things you’ll require before going further. Let’s go through them.

Speaking English

Developers come from all around the world; but, if you speak English, then you’ll be able to work with just about anybody.

You’re probably OK if you’re here reading this guide. You don’t need to be fluent or to have great English, but you need to understand English sufficiently to communicate with us.

Knowing how to use Git

Git is the version control system we’re using to keep track of changes. We’re using it all the time and everywhere.

If you don’t know about Git, stop right there: you need to learn it.

To learn Git, visit

Make sure you’re familiar with the concepts of commits, branches, remotes, reverts and rebases.


If you’re new to Git, enjoy! It’s both easy and really fun.

If you ask our developers, then most of them will tell you that Git is by far their favorite toy.

Knowing how to use Github

We’re using Github to host our Git repositories and to work together on the code.

You’ll need to have a Github account set up.

To open a Github account, visit

You’ll also need to know how to use Github to browse code changes, to fork a project, to make pull requests, etc.

To set up your Github account properly and learn how to use Github, visit the Github Help.

Running Linux

For most projects, you’ll need a computer running the latest version of Linux Mint or else the latest version of LMDE.

You can run an earlier version, or a different distribution, but if you run the latest Linux Mint or LMDE release you’re guaranteed everything will work.